The Unexpected

About once a week, I go to the WordPress Reader, and follow a topic I”m interested in.  A month ago, I was following “quilting”, and I saw a post titled “What do you get for the Classicists who are having a baby?” with a great picture of a Roman mosaic floor.  The name of the blog was the dancing professor – how could you resist finding out about that? So of course I clicked on it, and read the whole post, and then I saw that the previous post was “Edwardian bathing costumes and Coney Island glory” and I was hooked.

I love this blog, not only for the wide range of interests covered, but for the writing that seems to flow like a river – sometimes plunging to the depths, sometimes eddying around the edges of a topic, always bringing up something fresh.

The author, trophos, has written about such a variety of topics – the deadly sins, the Underground Railroad, Greek vocabulary, professional baseball, ballet lessons, and travel abroad, and I have enjoyed reading all of it.  I have learned a lot too!

So I was so appreciative when she picked my blog as one of seven to nominate for the Beautiful Blogger Award.  I also enjoyed following back the links of her other nominees to discover some more great blogs.


The rules are 1) Copy the award and place it in my post 2) Thank the person who gave it to me and link back to her blog and 3) Nominate 7 other bloggers and comment on their blogs to let them know.

The blogs I follow have a lot in common with the dancing professor – all these bloggers seem to have such a wide range of interests.

1.  Buried in Scraps – Candy uses so many formats as she writes about her quilting – fairy tales, polls, travelogues. I look forward to seeing how she will present her topics in each post.

2. Agujas – Of course I love the spinning and knitting, and her backpacking stories are so fascinating – some to destinations I didn’t even know existed, and fabulous photographs to boot.  I feel like I’ve been on a mini-vacation after reading her posts.

3. The Fabulous Scavenger – buys stuff from thrift stores and creates wonderful interior designs.  I love how she shows one item in four or five different arrangements.  I like to think I decorate creatively, but I always get new ideas from this blog.

4. Ruthie quilts! And quilts – a very prolific quilter.  Her quilting style is different from mine, but I always get a tip or inspiration when she posts.

And I would nominate these two, even if they weren’t my fantastic daughters.

5. My Attempts at Cleverness by that clever chick – thrifty and creative projects, cooking, party planning, and humor

6. My Wildhood – hiking, biking, boating, scuba diving, animal rescue, and other outdoor adventures

7. The other people I would nominate have already been nominated, or have recently gotten several similar awards.   I guess I need to spend more time discovering more great blogs!

And now as a special thank you to trophos – a bathing beauty of the early 1900s!  A little after the time of your reproduction bathing costume, but I hope, still an inspiration!

bathing beauty

Bathing Beauty from about 1920