DIY Pouf Foot Stool

I’ve been busy with binding quilts, putting up pears,

canned pears

and watching the hummingbirds that are migrating through,


so I thought this would be an excellent time to borrow a post from That Clever Chick. It may seem like a shameless lack of effort on my part, but it’s OK – I raised her! Yes, this is the work of one of my fabulous daughters! I wish I knew how to get my intro at the beginning of the post!

My Attempts at Cleverness

I love to crochet, but I have huge gaps in my knowledge of it. I can’t read patterns, and I have no idea how much yarn it takes to make what I want. For this project, I started out with 4 rolls of yarn from my Gram. I was trying to make a throw blanket, but it came out too long and skinny, and it looks ridiculous. I didn’t want to rip it all out and start over like I did with my giant blanket, so I stuffed it in a closet out of frustration.

Recently, on pinterest I saw a tutorial to make your own poof foot stool. I didn’t actually know that was a thing, but apparently it is. The tutorial it linked to was for knitting, but the gist is that you need a long skinny piece of fabric (I think. A lot of the site…

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