Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

This challenge is to show a portrait of yourself doing something that inspires you to blog.

portrait with flock

I’ve always loved being outside, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have some jobs where I worked outside, but I’ve also  spent years teaching in schools that didn’t even have windows.  Now I get to live in the country, and I’m making up for lost time and experiencing the joy of being outside every day.  I just want to share that with anyone who would like a little nature break.

11 thoughts on “Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

  1. Great picture. Living in a big city, as I do, I envy anyone who can live in the country. The quiet! Seeing the stars at night! And the bonus of having a few pets around! Mmmmm lovely.


    • Sorry for the slow reply – I was out of town over the Thanksgiving weekend.
      I read about slow cloth in someone else’s blog, but she said she had just been following links and didn’t even know for sure where she saw it, so I am grateful for the information about Elaine Lipson and will look her up! Over the last few years I have become aware of the huge environmental impact from cotton – I had always felt pretty self-righteous about my hobbies before. Now my goal is to have all the design joy, with less impact, so I am looking forward to seeing how other people have already accomplished that goal.
      I also look forward to reading everything on your blog! I’m so glad I found you through the Special Photo Challenge!


      • I am SO glad you found me! I am going to be starting a three week series on issues relating to fashion and sustainability! Did you check out my FB page? We have so many interesting discussions on there and we can connect each other with people -I got connected to Elaine Lipson, who connected me to Marci Zaroff (founder of ‘Eco-Fashion), who I interviewed for my series! Here’s the link: http://www.facebook.com/ListenGirlfriends?fref=ts

        Talk soon, hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving!


      • Oh my goodness. I have spent the afternoon on your blog, your facebook page, Global Goods Partners, and HandEye Magazine. Before, I had a lot of amorphous thoughts about sustainability in the textile arts, using textile connections to try to help communities, etc., but I just didn’t have the knowledge to even clarify my thinking. Now I feel like I have found people who have articulated what I’ve been thinking about, and give me actual resources and pathways for action! This is exciting!
        Your blog is amazing – you cover so many issues so thoroughly, and the tone is so positive. I am so glad I found you too!


  2. Awww, thank you so much! You are so sweet. And yes, isn’t it the best feeling ever to find a community of people and resources that can help clarify your thinking about an issue you care about? For my series I will be interviewing designers, activists, and garment workers and trying to connect the dots of such a complex industry. I can’t wait!:) And btw, your pic is sooo adorable!


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