Calendar of Textile Events

Here is a calendar of some of the major textile events that happen throughout the year, and a few extra events just for fun!  If I could find an official page or organization, I linked to it.

Roc Day January 7
National Hat Day January 15
National Goat Day (Iran)  It is thought that the goat was first domesticated in Iran.  January 27, 2016
National Embroidery Month February
National Umbrella Day February 10
Make a Blanket Day (date changes) February 20, 2016
National Craft Month March
National Crochet Month March
Birthday of Isabella Beeton, author of Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management March 12
Worldwide Quilting Day (date changes) March 19, 2016
Holi (Color Festival) (date changes) March 23, 2016
International Pillow Fight Day (date changes) April 2, 2016
World Book Night April 23, 2016
Star Wars Day May 4 (May the Fourth be with you!)
National Alpaca Day (New Zealand) May 8, 2016
Lost Sock Memorial Day May 9, 2016
National Towel Day, celebrating the importance of towels as noted by sci-fi author Douglas Adams. May 25
National Dairy Goat Awareness Week (presidential proclamation).  There does not seem to be a Fiber Goat Awareness Week. various weeks in June
Worldwide Knit in Public Day (date changes) June 18, 2016
Birthday of Joseph Marie Charles dit Jacquard July 7
National Cotton Candy Day. There are two Cotton Candy Days but no Cotton Day! July 31 and December 7
National Sewing Month September
Birthday of Mary E. Black , author of The Key to Weaving September 18
National Backpack Awareness Day 3rd Wed in Sept
National Alpaca Farm Days (US and Canada) (date changes) September 24-25, 2016
National Lace Day October 1
National Spinning and Weaving Week (date changes) October 3 – 9, 2016
Wool Week (UK) (date changes)  October, dates not yet on website