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We Can’t All Be Christo, But…

At the same time I was reading about Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s work, I was also reading Common Threads: Weaving Community Through Collaborative Eco-Art by Sharon Kallis, and that book gave me additional insights… Continue reading

15 in ’15 First Quarter Check-in

After a very wet and overcast winter, spring is here!   Time to check in on my list of goals for the year.  (My original post about 2015 goals is here.) I am… Continue reading

Pollinator Quilt

The state forest where I volunteer asked me to speak about their pollinator garden at a teacher workshop there. Most of the pollinators are very fast-moving, and so small – even if the… Continue reading

Quick and Easy Display Board

If you’re like most of the Textile People I know, you have a huge variety of interests, and end up volunteering for events that educate people about them. It’s becomes easy to spend all your time on volunteering instead of actually pursuing… Continue reading