Rummage Sale Find

Yesterday I went to a huge rummage sale at a local church, and found these cute vintage dish towels.

The Endeavourers’ Reveal Day – Quilt Quest

It’s time once again for the quarterly reveal day for the online art quilt group, The Endeavourers. This time the theme was “Boustrophedon,” and I had an idea what that word means. It… Continue reading

The Good-enough Family Archivist

When you are interested in textiles, people assume you are interested in history and the old way of doing things.  And quite often that leads to you becoming the family historian. So quite… Continue reading

Some New Tops

Since I actually finished two kids’ quilts, I rewarded myself with putting together some new tops. I made a second version of a safari quilt, this time adding a cheetah on the left.… Continue reading

One Quilt Three Ways

In 2020, I was given bags of pre-cut squares, and I used some of them to make four I Spy quilt tops. I placed the fabrics in pretty much the same position on… Continue reading

Notes on Design Styles

I read a lot of books about defining one’s artistic style, and I just came across a very helpful guide, Joen Wolfrom’s Adventures in Design: Ultimate Visual Guide. This book specifically addresses design… Continue reading

Safari Quilt

When my friend Liz saw the animal quilt I posted recently, she thought it would be perfect for young relatives who are expecting a baby.  That quilt already had a home, so I… Continue reading

Two Small Finishes

Over the past few months real life has snapped its fingers to get my attention — my husband has had two minor knee surgeries, we had a big party to celebrate owning this… Continue reading

ScrapHappy March 2022

Today I have two projects — one is finished and one is in progress. First up, I have the second chair with a seat repaired with paracord. As I wrote in an earlier… Continue reading

ScrapHappy February 2022 — The Scraps Escape!

In 2020, I was given bags and bags of scraps, and one of the projects I started was a quarter Log Cabin, but the blocks were turning out too unruly even for me.… Continue reading