From the Top!

Back when we were replacing our ceiling, new renovation-related lyrics for “My Favorite Things” popped into my head.  Today WordPress posted a lyric writing challenge, even using that song as the example, so here’s my response.

Nail guns and glue guns
And cordless screwdrivers
Paint chips and tin snips
I build like MacGyver
Lock nuts and hex nuts and nuts that have wings –
These are a few of my favorite things.

Wood clamps and work lamps,
Adjustable wrenches,
Two-by’s and zip ties
And sturdy work benches.
Paint that will cover with no need to prime –
These are the things that I use all the time.

When the floor sags,
When the pipe breaks,
When the deck looks bad,
I simply run out to my local box store,
And buy lots of bead board and sliding glass doors,
And then I don’t feel
So sad.

Contractor trash bags
And needle-nosed pliers,
Boraxo and shop rags,
And electrical wires,
Lasers, stud-finders and all of that stuff –
These are the things that I can’t get enough!

When the roof leaks,
When the paint peels,
When termites eat the wood,
I go back again to my local box store
And buy lots of plywood and tiles for the floor –
And then I’ll need faucets and boxes of nails,
And look! All the granite has just gone on sale!
And even the store clerk can’t believe the amount
As little by little I drain my account –
And then my house looks
So good!