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Happy Earth Day!

I picked up these wooden garden markers a few weeks ago, and grouped them into an old enamel basin.  They remind me to get to work in the garden! Also, I think they… Continue reading

Long Relationships and Short Attention Spans

Looking back over this year,  my very favorite event happened in November.  To commemorate the day we met, my husband secretly invited family members and friends to spend the weekend here.  (My sister… Continue reading

So This Happened…

Spot the difference: You may be saying to yourself, “My, isn’t that a lovely modern deck, much better than the previous one?” And you’d be right.   The old deck was built about… Continue reading

Happy Earth Day!

We’re going solar! And the construction makes a great run-in shed for the sheep, too! We are not up and running yet – we have to wait until final inspection from our electricity… Continue reading

A Visit to the Antique Rose Emporium

On a recent weekend, we caught enough of a break in the rain to get in a visit to the Antique Rose Emporium in Independence, Texas. Along with hundreds of roses, there are… Continue reading

Even Better than Quilt Festival

Since I live so close to Houston, Texas, I usually can spend a day at the International Quilt Festival.  This year something else came up that required me to miss it, but I… Continue reading

1 Day 1 World Project: 11:00 am – noon

When I was visiting with my grandson last week, he reminded me that this is the last week of the 1 Day 1 World Project, and while he knew that I would be… Continue reading

For Love of the Game

I never liked any kind of sports when I was a kid.  I understood that other people lived for them, but for myself, I never saw any value.  I tried to play because… Continue reading

Summer Saturday in Texas

Saturday afternoon in a small Texas town – Ah, the ice house! The doors stay open in all weather, kids are allowed in, and the furniture and decorations never ever change! Come in… Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Ducks

Eleven seconds of video, four hours to learn how to get the video off my camera and into this post! I got these ducks a month ago and they have been more fun… Continue reading