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Summer Saturday in Texas

Saturday afternoon in a small Texas town – Ah, the ice house! The doors stay open in all weather, kids are allowed in, and the furniture and decorations never ever change! Come in… Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Ducks

Eleven seconds of video, four hours to learn how to get the video off my camera and into this post! I got these ducks a month ago and they have been more fun… Continue reading

Real Women Love Plywood

We have spent the last four weekends on our ceiling renovation, and it is finally finished! My husband not being one to rest on his laurels, no sooner had we finished putting the… Continue reading

Nightly Forest Report

I live in the country on a tree farm.  The noise and bustle of the city are pretty far away, but as I make my rounds to care for the trees, there are… Continue reading

Texas Botanist Mary Sophie Young

For my celebration of Women’s History Month, I am officially appointing myself Founder of the Mary Sophie Young Fan Club. I first heard of Dr. Mary Sophie Young back in 2006, when I… Continue reading

Calling 1952

The other day I noticed the dog chewing on some antlers in the yard.  This in itself is not strange, because we have plenty of skulls and antlers around here – hogs, elk,… Continue reading

All-Around Craftsman

I come from a long line of women who created every kind of textile imaginable, but my dad also taught me many things about self-sufficiency and craftsmanship. From my growing up years, I… Continue reading

Widening Horizons

Before I had kids, I didn’t realize how your kids’ interests become yours too.  My younger daughter has always been interested in animal science, and I have tagged along on some of her… Continue reading


Daily Prompt  Whoa! What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had? August, 1990 – I am sitting in a circle of preschool teachers on our first day back from summer vacation.  We introduce… Continue reading