Let’s Talk About Ducks

Eleven seconds of video, four hours to learn how to get the video off my camera and into this post!

I got these ducks a month ago and they have been more fun than I ever imagined – they are sociable and curious.  Best of all, they come when they are called, and after a day of wandering the yard and the pond’s edge, they put themselves into their pen at night!

They also run to their pen whenever something has startled or excited them (like an egret flying across the pond), so a few times a day I look up to see them tearing back to their pen.  It’s like watching little velociraptors run through the yard.

I think that they are runner ducks, which were bred in Asia.  They would walk out to the rice paddies with their owners, dabble in the shallow water to eat bugs and weeds all day, and then walk home at night.  These ducks have the upright stance associated with runners, and they show the same behaviors – they prefer being in just a few inches of water to actually swimming, and they seem to love their commute to the pond.  No one knew what breed they were when I bought them, but I think they are the perfect fit for our yard.

ducks at pond's edge

They dabble around the edge of the pond most of the day but they haven’t gone in swimming.

runner ducks

So sleek and streamlined.


To give a complete picture though, I must admit that they are messy.  They dip their bills into water as they eat, and then splash water all over – it doesn’t take long for their pen to smell bad.  If you have plenty of room, it’s no problem, but I don’t think ducks are a good choice for urban and suburban yards.

If you are reading this post in an email, I don’t think the video will show, I think you have to go to the original post.  Yes, you can admire their cuteness in these still shots, but to be truly amused, I think you need to see them when they are running.

This is this week’s entry for 3:00 – 4:00 pm on the 1 Day 1 World Project.  I told myself that I would use this project to learn something new about my camera each week – I am happy I finally learned how to upload videos from it!