Thoughts While Quilting and the Things They Lead To

I really love this wave design.  I’m so glad the Snarky Quilter used it.  I really need to take that Craftsy class she mentioned.

machine quilting

I wonder what this would look like with different sizes of thread, both thicker and thinner.

I may use this on every quilt from now on.  I may never free motion quilt again. Since the quilting lines don’t cross each other, there’s no place for the cloth to pucker, and all the thread ends are on the edges so I won’t have to work them in, they will all be hidden by the binding.

I wonder what I will use for binding.

I wonder if I have enough thread on this bobbin to sew another row.

I wonder if it would look good with lime green thread instead of pale blue.

The quilt stays supple too.  I think it’s a very soothing design to look at.  I wonder what quilters of the past would think of these modern quilts – big pieces and machine quilting.  Would they raise an eyebrow and sniff to themselves that it is not “real” quilting?  Or would they exclaim over the ease of quilting nowadays and jump on board?

I wonder what my great-grandmother would think.  She made this quilt out of polyester knit scraps back about 1980, and even then, she was still hand-quilting.

polyester squares quilt

I wonder if my great-grandmother would think I am crazy to buy brand new fabric for quilting, instead of using scraps like she did.

hand stitches on 1980 quilt

I wonder if she would have liked lime green thread.

I wonder what people a hundred years from now will think of our quilts.  I wonder what they will be using to quilt!  I bet plastics, with fiber-optic thread.  They’ll probably just aim a dilithium crystal ray at the quilt and the layers will fuse together!

I wonder if I have enough thread on this bobbin to sew another row.

I wonder if I should be trying to make the wave lines real consistent, or should I have more variation?  I like variation when I’m close to it, working on it, but when I get it done and look at the whole piece, I always think I should have gone for a simpler effect.

Shoot!  I forgot to check the bobbin at the end of the last row and now it ran out in the middle.  At least I have another bobbin wound already.

I wonder how much variation waves have in real life.  Does each wave follow the other precisely?  No, I think there’s more of an interference effect – some really short wavelets that run into the longer waves.  I wonder if I have a photo I can look at.

waves at Cabrillo

Why yes! I do! It’s not a very good photo though – I wonder if I should head down to Galveston and go take some pictures of waves.

If I had paid attention in science class, maybe I would know more about all this.

If they had tied science into art better, maybe I would have paid more attention!

I wonder if rock layers and fungus patterns look a lot like waves if you compare them.

I wonder if I can find the photos I’m thinking of.  Maybe I should set this quilting aside for just a minute.

rock layers at Big Bend

rock layers

turkey tail fungus

turkey tail fungus

I wonder if I can Photoshop everything to make the wave lines in those pictures show up a little better.

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I wonder if I can quilt those lines….


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