Textile Timeline

This page is not an all-compassing timeline of textile events; just a timeline of the textile subjects I have written about myself.

If you are looking for a professional-level timeline, I recommend:

Fashion Institute of Technology Fashion History Timeline — arranged by era, searchable.  Mostly Western fashion, but a wealth of resources.

Wikipedia Timeline of clothing and textiles technology

Wikipedia History of clothing and textiles (includes information about many regions of the globe)

These are the posts I have done about textile history, in chronological order by their subject.  Some of these are posts where I did some research, and some are photos of actual textiles or clothing.

Ancient History From String to Spandex is a post comparing nine different books that offer general textile history overviews.  These summaries may help you in choosing a resource to learn more.

3500 – 2000 BC Tracking Textile History: The Minoans

2000 – 1450 BC Tracking Textile History: The Minoans, Part Two

1450 – 1190 BC I Love Linear B!

1350 BC On the Trail of Sail History – The Mycenaeans

56 BC On the Trail of Sail History – The Vikings (short section about the Romans and Veneti)

800 AD – 1879 ADMystery of Charlemagne’s Missing Textiles

1060 ADOn the Trail of Sail History – The Vikings

1066 ADBayeux Tapestry – The Backstory, The Basics, Books Part One, Books Part Two

1200s ADRules, Routines, and the Restraint of Initiative – regulations for professional weavers in medieval France

1300s – 1570 ADTextile Time Travel – The Middle Ages

1300 – 1340 ADA Medieval Love Story – With Carding and Spinning!

1300s, studied in 1964medieval sheep illustrations and DNA in parchment

1400 – 1850textile treasures of Aachen cathedral

late 1400s to 1800women locked down in Venetian convents

1600 — 2000 AD – 400 Years of Silk in America, Scruples and Scandals

1600s – 1800s  – Textiles at the Briscoe Museum  – men’s clothing and horse trappings from the Southwest

1600s – 1800s – myths and facts about American colonial textiles, book review

1600s – 1800s a Compendium of Sail Information

1732-1737A Treasury of Textiles – French textiles of all types collected in the 1700s

early 1800sRose Overshot Coverlet

early 1800s Blue and Red Coverlet bought in Washington state

1806 to 1830sthe tradition of the wedding “infair”

1830s and 1840sa woman artist documents interiors and costumes

1838a storekeeper’s inventory from Ohio

1840s – author George Sand describes the village hemp dresser from her youth

1844 one Ohio family’s estate inventory

c. 1845Not So Run-of-the-Mill woman’s cotton dress
and Shadows of the Past  – same dress, on a real person

1847 – a different storekeeper, same county as the inventory from 1838, an Ohio Merchant’s Inventory

1850s sewing needles from England

1850s, 1860sclipper ship cards

1850s – 1870sTwo Lovely Ladies  – old photos

1855 – 1917 dress diary

1859 Thomas Marsteller coverlet

1860s Shawl of Paisley Design

1862 illustrations from Punch magazine of London; there are five of these posts but this link goes to the one on courtship

1880s 1880s Favoritescabinet cards showing fashions of the 1880s, and some early photo touch-up

late 1800s – 1917  – Dynamiting Silk

1800s – 1900s  – Bittersweet  – Native American clothing from children sent to boarding school

1875 – 1900book of tiny quilt scraps

1889dress reform

c. 1880s – 1900  – Late 1800s Dress

c. 1890sfabric scraps

c. 1900 A Cloud of Witnesses (photo of women’s craft group)

c. 1900Generosity and Splendor (beautiful sequined gown)

c. 1900 – 1910Boy’s Outfit

c. 1900 – 1910Frilly Foundations

c. 1900 – 1910Why Models Look Bored — models and fashion shows

1905Football Dinnermenu and activities from an old party planning book

1905Pin Party from a beloved party planning book

1905Christmas Entertaining in 1905  – from an old party planning book

1907Servant’s Attire

c. 1910 – 1920Mary Schenk Woolman, an early textile instructor

1914 – 1974cotton gin building and business

1916high school yearbook from Dresden, Ohio

1917women’s work outfits as portrayed in a musical

1920 Costumes at the Hippodrome

1920sMerry Christmasphoto of group of girls

1920s – fashion illustrations from Laura I. Baldt, an early textile instructor

1920s When Pink was for Boys

1928 fashion ads and advice to a lovelorn husband

1930s Flour Sack Dress

1930s Flourishing in Flour Sacks  – guest post

1930s – 1950s Flour Sacks! and More  – quilt from folded triangles

1930s – 1940s Harvest Contest, costumes made from fruits and vegetables

1930s – 1940s Design Advice from the Dress Doctors, book review

1938 Sailmaker on Board

1939 Textiles from Mexico

1939an 8th grade annual from Ohio

1939, 1940“Sidewalk Photography” on the West Coast

1944 – 1952 Théâtre de la Mode, the storyThéâtre de la Mode, the exhibit

1950s A Manly Textile  – tablecloth of divided Berlin and Germany

1950s Picnic

1950s baby clothes

1950s Back to School, 1950s Style

c. 1961 Greek costume dolls

c. 1961 souvenirs from a Middle Eastern tour

1962 embroidered pillow cases

1970s Denim, Chambray, and Self-Expression

1975, 1976Christo and Jean-Claude and the J.P. Stevens textile company; environmental impact of Running Fence

1970 – 2010 designs of Oscar de la Renta

early 2000s – Jo Lopianowski-Roberts designs and stitches a replica of the Sistine Chapel ceiling

2019the state of textile writing as produced by Artificial Intelligence

2020virtual textile and fashion exhibits during COVID

2020what I did during COVID

the future 3D Printing and Handcrafts

the future What We’ll Be Wearing Next Year