Textile Timeline

These are the posts I have done about textile history, in chronological order by their subject.  Some of these are posts where I did some research, and some are photos of actual textiles or clothing.

3500 – 2000 BC Tracking Textile History: The Minoans

2000 – 1450 BC Tracking Textile History: The Minoans, Part Two

1450 – 1190 BC I Love Linear B!

1350 BC On the Trail of Sail History – The Mycenaeans

56 BC On the Trail of Sail History – The Vikings (short section about the Romans and Veneti)

800 AD – 1879 ADMystery of Charlemagne’s Missing Textiles

1060 ADOn the Trail of Sail History – The Vikings

1066 ADBayeux Tapestry – The Backstory, The Basics, Books Part One, Books Part Two

1200s ADRules, Routines, and the Restraint of Initiative – regulations for professional weavers in medieval France

1300s – 1570 ADTextile Time Travel – The Middle Ages

1300 – 1340 ADA Medieval Love Story – With Carding and Spinning!

1300s, studied in 1964medieval sheep illustrations and DNA in parchment

1600 — 2000 AD – 400 Years of Silk in America, Scruples and Scandals

1600s – 1800s  – Textiles at the Briscoe Museum  – men’s clothing and horse trappings from the Southwest

1600s – 1800s – myths and facts about American colonial textiles, book review

1600s – 1800s – a Compendium of Sail Information

1732-1737A Treasury of Textiles – French textiles of all types collected in the 1700s

early 1800sRose Overshot Coverlet

early 1800s – Blue and Red Coverlet bought in Washington state

1844 – one family’s estate inventory

c. 1845Not So Run-of-the-Mill woman’s cotton dress
and Shadows of the Past  – same dress, on a real person


1847 – Ohio Merchant’s Inventory

1850s – sewing needles from England

1850s, 1860sclipper ship cards

1850s – 1870sTwo Lovely Ladies  – old photos

1855 – 1917 – dress diary

1859 – Thomas Marsteller coverlet

1860s – Shawl of Paisley Design

1862 – illustrations from Punch magazine of London; there are five of these posts but this link goes to the one on courtship

1880s – 1880s Favoritescabinet cards showing fashions of the 1880s, and some early photo touch-up

late 1800s – 1917  – Dynamiting Silk

1800s – 1900s  – Bittersweet  – Native American clothing from children sent to boarding school

1875 – 1900book of tiny quilt scraps

1889dress reform

c. 1880s – 1900  – Late 1800s Dress

c. 1900A Cloud of Witnesses (photo of women’s craft group)

c. 1900Generosity and Splendor (beautiful sequined gown)

c. 1900 – 1910Boy’s Outfit

c. 1900 – 1910Frilly Foundations

1905Football Dinnermenu and activities from an old party planning book

1905Christmas Entertaining in 1905  – from an old party planning book

1907Servant’s Attire

c. 1910 – 1920Mary Schenk Woolman, an early textile instructor

1914 – 1974cotton gin

1917women’s work outfits as portrayed in a musical

1920 – Costumes at the Hippodrome

1920sMerry Christmasphoto of group of girls

1920s – fashion illustrations from Laura I. Baldt, an early textile instructor

1920s – When Pink was for Boys

1928 – fashion ads and advice to a lovelorn husband

1930s – Flour Sack Dress

1930s – Flourishing in Flour Sacks  – guest post

1930s – 1950s – Flour Sacks! and More  – quilt from folded triangles

1930s – 1940s – Harvest Contest, costumes made from fruits and vegetables

1930s – 1940s – Design Advice from the Dress Doctors, book review

1938 – Sailmaker on Board

1939 – Textiles from Mexico

1944 – 1952 Théâtre de la Mode, the storyThéâtre de la Mode, the exhibit

1950s – A Manly Textile  – tablecloth of divided Berlin and Germany

1950s – Picnic

1950s – baby clothes

1950s – Back to School, 1950s Style

c. 1961 – Greek costume dolls

1962 – embroidered pillow cases

1970s – Denim, Chambray, and Self-Expression

1975, 1976 – Christo and Jean-Claude and the J.P. Stevens textile company; environmental impact of Running Fence

1970 – 2010 – designs of Oscar de la Renta

the future – 3D Printing and Handcrafts

the future – What We’ll Be Wearing Next Year