An 8th Grade Annual from 1939

Working through our giant family archive, I came across a school annual from 1939, from an elementary school in Ohio. The school had first through eighth grade, but this annual only had pictures and articles of eighth graders, so I am guessing each grade produced its own edition. It had been typed and then mimeographed onto construction paper. The photographs weren’t printed onto the pages; they were individual pictures that were mounted into the books with photo corners. As a result, they are still beautifully sharp and clear.

Page from the 1939 annual.

The teacher page had little rhymes about each teacher, but it did not specify their names under their photographs. I love the huge polka dots on the woman in center row, left! Can’t you just look at them and know which teachers would not stand for any nonsense? Which ones were tough but fair? And which ones had bitten off more than they could chew, and were hoping to get married quickly and get out of teaching school!!! (I’m looking at you, bottom right.)

Teachers from an Ohio elementary school, 1939.

And under the photo of these two gentlemen, all that was typed was “We all know these!” So I don’t know if they are custodians or coaches — either way, their names are not in the annual.

Coaches or custodians?
A group of 8th grade school boys from 1939.
8th grade girls from 1939.

Here is a little excerpt about some of the school activities:

The Hobby Club has been very fortunate in having Bob Booth [all of the photos are stamped “Booth Photo Service” on the backs] show them pictures and Mrs. Harrison her collection of dolls. The most popular of hobbies is stamp collecting, though match covers, photography, and scrap books follow close behind. [Note: since this family kept everything, we have my father-in-law’s stamp collection from this time.]

The Art-Craft Club…The boys and girls made toys out of soap carvings and wood.

The sewing club — The girls made candlewick pillows, learned how to mend clothing, hem towels, and some of the girls made dresses and aprons which turned out very nice. The Sewing Club is going to end the year by having a picnic in the park.

I hope you have enjoyed this little glimpse of the past!