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2016 Year-End Wrap-Up

In 2015, I followed the lead of NanaCathy and had a structured list of goals, “15 in ’15.”  I enjoyed that structure and got a lot done, but in 2016, I never made… Continue reading

Long Relationships and Short Attention Spans

Looking back over this year,  my very favorite event happened in November.  To commemorate the day we met, my husband secretly invited family members and friends to spend the weekend here.  (My sister… Continue reading

Mustang Grape Jelly 2015

Or How to Go from This … to That… With Some Sort of Efficiency. Three years ago we had a good year for wild grapes, and I made mustang grape jelly for the… Continue reading

Through the Day with Roy G Biv

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “ROY G. BIV.” The beetle and the grasshopper were from last week, but all the other pictures are from today.  I cheated a little bit… Continue reading

Even Better than Quilt Festival

Since I live so close to Houston, Texas, I usually can spend a day at the International Quilt Festival.  This year something else came up that required me to miss it, but I… Continue reading

Summer Done Right

As soon as school lets out for the summer, my sister and my great-nephew W come for a visit.  We do a little sight-seeing, a little swimming, some chores with the animals, and… Continue reading

From the Top!

Back when we were replacing our ceiling, new renovation-related lyrics for “My Favorite Things” popped into my head.  Today WordPress posted a lyric writing challenge, even using that song as the example, so… Continue reading

Summer Saturday in Texas

Saturday afternoon in a small Texas town – Ah, the ice house! The doors stay open in all weather, kids are allowed in, and the furniture and decorations never ever change! Come in… Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Ducks

Eleven seconds of video, four hours to learn how to get the video off my camera and into this post! I got these ducks a month ago and they have been more fun… Continue reading

Real Women Love Plywood

We have spent the last four weekends on our ceiling renovation, and it is finally finished! My husband not being one to rest on his laurels, no sooner had we finished putting the… Continue reading