The Video’s Here!

My friend has released his “camping in the 1800s” video that he shot here at the farm.

I’m not impressed with my acting abilities, but mercifully I’m only in it for a minute.  If you ask me, the dogs and sheep steal the show!

I come in at 4:20, and the dogs and sheep and goat are in it from 16:30 on to the end.

And, when it comes to costuming for the late 1800s, do as I say, not as I do!  I am not even going to put this post into my “historic clothing” category.  I need a “what NOT to do” category.  I did have pretty short notice about this video and I threw together odds and ends of clothes that I hoped would evoke “the olden days”.  Fortunately Ken says right up front that he is trying to show the past without re-enacting it in every detail.  If you ever need actual advice about the actual clothes of the 1800s, though, I know a lot more than is apparent in this costume and I could at least point you in the right direction.

All of Ken’s videos are very gentle, peaceful, and informative.  He spends hours working on these videos to teach people the restorative powers of nature.  I was happy I could help out with this one!