Properly Attired Servants, 1907-style

Now that we have sprung forward, I’m sure spring cleaning is on your mind.  Which inevitably brings up questions, “How many servants should I have?” “How shall I occupy myself while they are working?” and most importantly, “How shall they be attired?”

Put away your smelling salts.  The Textile Ranger has discovered the answers to your servant worries in that wonderful book, Manners and Social Usages, from 1907.

“How many servants are a necessity?”

List of servants

List of servants

“Why is it so hard to get good servants these days?”

Duties of a proper housewile

Above and beyond the servants’ duties

“Who is to wear a full apron and cap?  Who is to wear lace on her uniform?”

Necessary servants

I’m not sure that parlor maid is trustworthy.

Now that that is taken care of, you can get to work netting those bedcurtains!