Widening Horizons

Before I had kids, I didn’t realize how your kids’ interests become yours too.  My younger daughter has always been interested in animal science, and I have tagged along on some of her adventures.

girl's best friend

Every day started with some time with the dog.

Lots of little girls love animals, but my daughter would check animal science books out from the library, and bring them to show me –  “Look, Mommy, that is sarcoptic mange!”

She talked my mother-in-law into standing in a ravine with her to help dig up the cow bones she could see, and then she took them home and cleaned them.


“I can see the bones down there!”

cow skull

The rescued skull.  Many, many other bones came home with it.

The highlight of her childhood was when we were staying at a friend’s farm, and she got to help the vet give a cow a C-section!  She was about 9 at the time.

c-section cow

A very kind vet let my daughter help.

cow and calf

The calf with its mama.


Bottle-feeding the new baby.

We knew that in high school she would raise some animals in FFA.  I thought she would raise a sheep, then a pig, then a calf for senior year.  Her ag teacher talked us into starting with calves, and she ended up raising and showing 5 steers.  We all got involved with that and had a great time.

pre-show preparation

It’s good to have help with that pre-show prep.

water fight

On the other hand…


Her last calf in the show ring.

She also worked at a vet’s office all through high school, and ended up pursuing a biology degree at a university in West Texas.  Because she was living out there, she found out about the Teacher/Ranger/Teacher program that allowed me to become a seasonal ranger at Big Bend National Park!

This is just a tiny slice of the adventures she has gotten into.  For more, you can check out her blog and see what she has been up to more recently.  Happy Birthday, My Wildhood!