Flurry of Fabulous Finds

My focus for February was supposed to be Finish It Up, but instead it has morphed into Find Fantastic Objects.

I just had a lovely visit from my mom, sister, and 4-year-old great-nephew.  Here are just some of the reasons that I love visits from them:

  • I clean like crazy ahead of time, so I find all kinds of things I’ve been hunting for – like, for example, my floors!
  • I get a chance to cook for an appreciative audience, and then I have lots of leftovers on hand after they leave.
  • They ooh and ah over my latest projects.
  • They give the animals all kinds of extra attention.
  • They don’t mind helping with chores!

Thank goodness for strong helpers!


Planting bean seeds.

Most importantly, on our outings, we like everything and we never rush each other!

So while they were here, we went to a nearby town with great antique shops, and here are some of the bargains I found.

vintage quilt top

This great top is probably from the 1930s.

top detail


antique store find

Goose quilt block, crocheted table scarf, vintage jewelry, and “Occupations” from child’s encyclopedia.  The illustration would make a great quilt!

orange crochet

The crocheted table scarf by itself.

Golden Book Encyclopedia

I got this book for FREE at a Friends of the Library booth.

automobile illustration

Another fabulous illustration.  So much is going on!

Another surprise appeared this morning.  I find these cocoons quite often when I am out with the sheep, but usually they are already opened.


Silk moth cocoons.  I love the leaf imprint on the one on the far right.

opened cocoon

Cocoon after the moth has emerged.


Close-up of the imprint from the resurrection plant.

Right before Mom and Sissie got here, I found one that was still complete, and I threw it in a jar so I could see what hatched.  This morning, there it was up on my curtain!

moth on curtain

It was great to finally find out what hatches from those cocoons!

I took it outside and enjoyed getting plenty of photos.

Polyphemus moth

Polyphemus moth

close-up of eyespot

Close-up of eyespot.  Such incredible detail in something that lives for only a few days.

I hope you are finding things to enjoy in your day, too.