Vintage Needle Books

These are all needle books that belonged to my great-grandmother and grandmother.  I have always loved the cover illustrations, and the foil paper on the inside reminds me of Christmas wrap from the 50s.

I never noticed until now that all of them but one use a foil paper with embossed spider webs on it, no matter where they originated.  Was there someone who had a worldwide monopoly on needle card paper?  Or did all paper manufacturers just know, “needle holders require a shiny spider web pattern in jewel tones”?

I am not one of those people who keeps every card and piece of homework, but I do love the little pieces of paper history my family has collected over the years – the WWII ration cards, farming brochures, and sewing notions.  How do you feel about ephemera?  Do you stuff it in a box until you can sort it?  Do you collect a certain category and pass on the rest?  If you do keep it, do you ever use it in artwork?  I would love to hear about it!