Happy Earth Day!

arrangement of garden markers

Veggie People centerpiece.

homemade cauliflower garden marker

The skeptical cauliflower seems to be the brains of the group.

vintage garden markers

Adorable vintage homemade garden markers.

I picked up these wooden garden markers a few weeks ago, and grouped them into an old enamel basin.  They remind me to get to work in the garden!

Also, I think they would make a great quilt to go with my Ruby McKim fruit quilt.

Years ago we bought this little sad corn salt shaker, because who wouldn’t?  We have always wondered why he is sad, and if his partner was a happy corn pepper shaker, or maybe a potato or a pepper or something.

sad corn salt shaker

Sad corn salt shaker.

Some of these new vegetable friends don’t look particularly happy either, but they cheer me up every time I walk by them!