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TextileTopia, Part Two

In my last post, I introduced you to the perfect textile study destination, as I imagine it.  I hope you join us for Part Two. Good morning!  I hope your room was to… Continue reading


Let’s say I had enough money to buy one of those abandoned malls, and even more money to fix it up the way I wanted.  What would I do with it?  Why, turn… Continue reading

Summer Rerun

Summer being known for reruns, let’s look at one of my favorite posts from the past.  In it, I combined my love of old movies and textiles, and made up the kinds of… Continue reading

If Wishes Were Plane Tickets

Oh mighty Textile Ranger!  When you picked up and polished the magic thimble, we, the members of International Textile Fairies, Pixies, and Genies Local 42, became your loyal servants.  We hereby grant you… Continue reading

If I Made the Movies

One of the things that gets me through the blazing heat of August is Turner Classic Movies and their Summer Under the Stars.  I love to sit in a cool room with some… Continue reading