Scraps to the Organizing Rescue!

[updated at the bottom of the post, with a few new ScrapHappy members that I should have added earlier today]

My entry for this month’s ScrapHappy Day is not a major project, but it is a useful one.  It finally occurred to me to stop looking in stores for perfect organizers, and to make my own!

I made this bedside pocket bag to hold my tablet, glasses, earphones, and essential oils.  The brown flap goes under the mattress, and the blue pockets hang down alongside the bed.  I got these scraps from one of those packs of random batik samples — I think they are the ones that got cut a little crooked and didn’t make it into the pre-cut packs of layer cakes.

pocket organizer for bedside essentials

Pocket organizer from batik scraps.

Now my little essential oil bottles don’t topple off the nightstand, and my tablet, which has a habit of turning itself on at random times, doesn’t wake me because its lighted screen is hidden inside the pocket.

Another useful little pocket I made was for the adapter on my exercycle.  I can’t leave it plugged in because it is a tripping hazard, but there is no place on the exercycle to store it when it is not plugged in.  So I sewed a little bag from fabric samples, and used a black elastic headband as a hanging loop.  Now I can store the adapter, but still find it when I need it.

Bag for adapter cord.

In a related vein, I saw that Mary of Zippy Quilts has made a very cute potluck place setting carrier, which has inspired me for a future organizational project.  I have purchased insulating carriers for casserole dishes, but the ones I have don’t allow room for the dishes’ permanent lids, and I end up using foil and then balancing the casserole all the way to our dinner destination.  Seeing Mary’s carrier made me realize I can make my own casserole carrier.  Sometimes I am utterly amazed at how long it takes an idea to awaken my brain.

ScrapHappy Day is the 15th of each month. Thank you to Kate and Gun for coming up with this concept, and for hosting, and for encouraging all of us!  Drop by and see how the other participants are using scraps this month:

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