I Whistle a Happy Tune

I have been making some things this summer, but not exciting things.  We have had a crew here off and on to replace the siding on our house — the noise and the mess and the people working right outside the windows looking in, are keeping me from concentrating.  And even when they are not here, my husband spends the evenings watching YouTube videos to plan the next steps, and those all showcase power tools laboring away at gratuitous levels of noise.

The only way I can deal with it is to pull out some fabric and stitch it together mindlessly.

It has inspired me to write my own version of I Whistle a Happy Tune, from The King and I:

Original on the left, my version for quilters on the right.

I guess I should call it, I Stitch My Way Through Stress.

I have been watching some YouTube videos as well, and one I saw was Karen Brown’s video, Sew Up Your Stash.  Using her method of quickly calculating how much fabric you have, I figured out that I have enough to sew 100 twin-size quilts!  And since I only make about four a year, that is 25 years’ worth of projects.  That put things in perspective for me.  Not every single thing I make needs to be challenging and precious.  I don’t always need to find the perfect destiny for each piece of fabric.  I just need to whip up some utility quilts to get through all these donated and down-sized fabrics I have.

So let me present the most predictable quilt I have ever made.

lap quilt in red, white, blue

Predictable but useful.

It started with big chunks of matching fabrics in blue and red.

When I ran out of the red fabric, I added in the dark stripe.


I quilted with a decorative stitch. Each row took 5 minutes, which mean there is about 5 hours of quilting on this small piece!

The smart thing I did on this piece was to stagger the rows, so that I wouldn’t have to worry about matching corners.  And that ended up giving it a nice sense of motion.  I like this pattern and I will be making more like this, in different colorways.

This one is going to a fund-raiser for an American Legion post.  One down, 99 to go!