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Textile Trend Trivia

While the tide of fashion rolls on, some innovations never catch the wave of public favor or profit.  They end up as fashion footnotes.  Here is a little quiz about textile trends that… Continue reading

Parlor Games from 1905 – the answers

Yesterday I posted some old-fashioned word games from the 1905 book Bright Ideas for Entertaining.  Here are the answers, plus a bonus game.  Enjoy! Here are the answers for “Can Factory.” Here are… Continue reading

Parlor Games from 1905

Here are a couple of parlor games from that Martha Stewart of the very early 20th century, Mrs. Herbert B. Linscott, as found in her wonderful book, Bright Ideas for Entertaining,  (1905, George… Continue reading

Christmas Entertaining in 1905

As Christmas gets closer, you may be wishing for a little touch of old-fashioned comfort and joy.  So here is one from my all-time favorite party book, Bright Ideas for Entertaining by Mrs.… Continue reading

Textiles of Comfort and Joy

At this time of the year, we especially think of mitigating the suffering of others.  The comfort and community we craftspeople feel, just from making something, is beautifully expressed here on Quilting Piece… Continue reading

Color Party, 1905-style

Working on the color blocks quilt reminded me of my favorite idea from that wonderful one-dollar bargain book, Bright Ideas for Entertaining, by Mrs. Herbert B. Linscott, 1905. Obviously these people were not… Continue reading

Starting Them Out Right

When you’re a crafts person and you have a child, you tend to hope that they will follow you down the satisfying road of creativity.  You start them off with handmade outfits and… Continue reading

My 100th Post!

It wasn’t long after I started blogging that I found the wonderful blog, the Dancing Professor, and one of the first posts I read there asked, “Who are you writing for?” I thought… Continue reading

Waltz Across Textiles

Barbers, bartered brides, and bullfighters, – they all get their own operas.   Pirates, demons, tsars, student princes  – they’re all thrilling characters, but if you ask me, textile artists are seriously underrepresented in… Continue reading

Starch or No Starch? What’s Starch?

There are three kinds of people in the world – those who love to iron, those who hate to iron, and those who have no earthly idea what an iron is. I love… Continue reading