Textile Trend Trivia

While the tide of fashion rolls on, some innovations never catch the wave of public favor or profit.  They end up as fashion footnotes.  Here is a little quiz about textile trends that didn’t quite go as planned.  (This is my first attempt at using the poll form.  Where it says “vote,” think “submit your answer.”)

“Where on earth do you find these fascinating facts?” you are no doubt thinking.  Well, some of it comes from the book American Silk, 1830 – 1930: Entrepreneurs and Artifacts by Jacqueline Field, Marjorie Senechal, and Madelyn Shaw (2007, Texas Tech Press).

But the rest comes from my new favorite website, the Griswold Digital Archive on Weaving, Textiles, Lace, and Related Topics on Handweaving.net.  I went to the publications list and I have been lost in the links for a week or so.

I will post the answers to the quiz and the links to my sources in a separate post.  Hope you enjoy the quiz!