Umbrella Etiquette, 1922-style

After a year-long drought, we are getting days and days of rain.  Of course one’s first thought on getting caught in a rainstorm is, “How do I protect my clothing?  And more importantly, how can I behave properly while doing so?”

The Textile Ranger to the rescue, with this advice from the 1922 Book of Etiquette by Lillian Eichler.

advice from a 1922 etiquette book

Dry clothes or proper behavior – what to choose?

So now you know.  Clothing may have to be sacrificed in order to maintain “good form.”   Here’s hoping that if you are ever caught in a rainstorm, it happens to be conveniently near a gentleman to whom you have been introduced at a dinner, dance, or theater party.  And that he happens to have an umbrella!