And Now for the Range Part

About 3 years ago, I got to move to the Piney Woods of Texas, to a small farm that has been in my husband’s family for 50 years.  I was surprised at how many people asked me, “Wasn’t that a huge change for you?” Since I had spent 10 years living in Houston and 20 in Sugar Land, I could see their point, but I lived in the country when I was little, and mentally I never left.  I had also been coming to this farm for over 30 years, often with my kids and family friends, so it was a special place to me.

Living here is even more fun than I thought it would be.  There are always lots of jobs that need doing, but slowly I am gathering that Dr. Doolittle menagerie I wished for as a child.

Sheep and goat grazing

Sheep and goat grazing

I have two sheep, Rio and Romy, and a Boer goat, Leila.   The ironic thing is that all 3 are considered meat animals, not fiber animals.  They were all given to me, and I work (play) with them just about every day. I may get fiber animals at some point, but I really enjoy these three.

border collie puppy


I also have a border collie, Harper.  We adopted her from an animal shelter, and she is learning to get along with her mini-herd.

ram and border collie

Border collie heaven.

We also lease our property for cattle grazing, and I love seeing the cows every day.

Two Lawn Mowers

Which way would you rather mow the grass?

We also see lots of great wildlife living out here.

Black-bellied whistling ducks

Black-bellied whistling ducks

Turtles basking

It’s hard to get motivated to accomplish anything when you see these guys out relaxing.






Even predators relax on this farm.

We stay busy with farm projects, but I do have time to make simple quilts for charity.  I always take pictures of them before I give them away, and I think the farm makes a pretty background for those shots.

Baby quilts

These quilts went to babies in Cisco, Texas.

So if I don’t update the blog often, you know why!  I am out building a pen, picking up animal feed, cutting down dead trees, planting a garden, etc.  And enjoying all of it.