Airing of the Quilts 2

Fresh quilts

The quilt on the left is a Double Wedding Ring.  I picked it up at an antique shop, probably about 1990.  I hung it up in the bedroom and used it as my “focus idea” for decorating – if something went with the quilt it could be in the bedroom too.

The other quilt is the first one my husband and I bought together, at a flea market in Nacogdoches in the 1970s.  A lady had used it to wrap up the new quilts she had made and was trying to sell – she and her sister were so surprised when we wanted the old one instead.

Nine Patch detail

Nine Patch detail

I would say it is a 9 Patch, set on point, but I may be wrong.  It is made of silky materials – some pieces may be rayon or nylon, I’m not sure.  A lot of the fabrics have not held up well at all, but I love this quilt.  I think the strong contrast between all the black and the pastels gives it a very interesting composition.   To me it is another endless source of inspiration.