Weekly Photo Challenge – Merge

dragonfly resting above water

The dragonfly’s wings merge into the colors of the water.


dragonfly on a stem

This is the cropped original photo. The dragonfly has merged with its environment so much that it’s hard to discern.

When I take photos outside, I can’t really see how the picture is going to look, since it’s too bright to see the LCD screen.  So I just take LOTS of pictures and hope some of them will be in focus.

By the time I edit them on my computer, I have often forgotten what it was that I was aiming for.   I have to zoom in and scroll around to see what’s there.  Sometimes I get wonderful surprises, and I am always thrilled with those pictures that show me things I couldn’t have seen with my own poor eyesight.

This was one of those pictures.  When I first opened it, I thought, “There’s nothing in this picture!  Did I take it by accident?”  But I zoomed in and finally noticed the dragonfly, merged perfectly with the stick it’s resting on.

I played with color saturation and lighting levels.  I liked the way the transparent wings merged with the colors of the water, but their texture provided a contrast and focus.