Halloween Textravaganza

I’m not a huge Halloween aficionado, but I do have a few items that might help you in planning a Halloween party.  It’s still early in the month – sure, you have time to whip this stuff up!

First, here is a tablecloth my grandmother embroidered back in her youth, probably about 1930-35.  I don’t think she would have made it specifically for Halloween – maybe orange and black was a popular color combination at the time she made it.  All I know is, she told me she was sick of it by the time she was finished!

tablecloth with orange and black

Orange and black tablecloth

embroidery detail

Detail, including binding and crochet edging

reverse of stitches

The back, showing how the stitch is started

Then there is a weaving sample I did, of spiders and flames.   It was for a challenge about mythology, so I picked spiders for Arachne and fire for the Greek fire on Hercules’ cloak from Deianeira, but I think it works for Halloween too.  (Technical info for any weavers – I used 10/2 mercerized cotton for the warp, at 24 ends to the inch.  I used doubled embroidery floss for the pattern, and sewing thread for the tabby.)

woven spiders

The spiders’ upper legs look like antennae, but they still look sort of creepy.

spiders reverse

The spider pattern actually shows up more clearly on the reverse.

spider draft

Here’s the draft. Both designs can be woven from one tie-up.

If you don’t want to embroider 120 little orange spider webs, or weave your own spider table runner, you can check out these suggestions from my favorite party-planning book, Bright Ideas for Entertainment by Mrs. Herbert B. Linscott (George W. Jacobs and Co., 1905).  I love how she says that “All formality must be dispensed with on Hallowe’en” but then goes on to suggest huge amounts of decorations.

Halloween party 1

Halloween party 2

I guess you’re relieved you can dispense with the formal wait staff.  But you will need a bagpipe player, a pumpkin twirler, and some white-draped figures, as seen in these additional suggestions.

Halloween suggestions

Halloween Suggestions 2

Well, I’m off to hang thrust ears of corn through fishnets for decoration, and to practice twirling the alphabet pumpkin to determine my fate!