Nature’s Weavers

It’s been breezy lately, which means empty birds’ nests are falling from the trees.

small nest 1

I don’t know what kind of bird made this nest. It fell out of a young chinquapin tree in the Hill Country.

small nest 2

It’s about 3 inches across, and 3 inches high.

small nest 3

The detail shows the delicate grass stems.

Carolina wren nest

Carolina wrens will build a nest anywhere. I have found one in an old coffee can full of nails. This one was built on a pair of old river shoes and some vulture feathers that were on a shelf in the shed.  There are heaps of tree catkins all over it, but there is a nest in there under them.

mockingbird nest

This is a mockingbird nest. There are at least four close to the house.

mockingbird nest 2

This is a different mockingbird nest.

osprey nest

OK, this is not in my yard. This is an osprey nest we saw at Lake Houston on Fourth of July.   I would estimate it as at least 6 feet across.

I’m always amazed at the variety and strength of these structures.