Weekly Photo Challenge – Thankful

I have always had terrible eyesight, so I am tremendously thankful for anything that helps me see.  Now with the help of a digital camera and a photo-editing program, I can see things even beyond normal vision.  I love being able to zoom in on something far away, and capture it so I can study it later, to turn something like this…


A whole mess of ducks.

into this…

wigeon and scaup

Lesser Scaup and American Wigeon

Northern Shoveler

Northern Shoveler

unknown duck

I have no idea what this duck is. It looks like a Northern Shoveler hybrid to me, but I’m no expert.

And being able to zoom in so close I can see the beauty of the details.

Canada goose

Canada goose

goose head

Look at those eyes. And those cute fuzzy feathers on its neck.


Neotropic Cormorants.  I’m pretty sure.


Gorgeous feather pattern.