Scrap Wrap-up

Well , Use Up Your Scraps month has come to an end.  It was a valuable experience for me.  I was able to use up a lot of scraps, and to organize the ones that are left.  Almost every scrap has a home, either in a zipper bag or clear box, grouped by color or by planned project.

I didn’t focus just on fabric scraps though, I extended my thinking to sewing notions.  If I don’t know how to use something in the first place, I can’t use it up!  So I made myself sit down with different threads, needles, and sewing feet, to find the best combination for me.   Also, I thought about how to better organize my sewing routine.  I stacked some pieces of so-so fabric and batting scraps right by the machine, as well as a notebook.  I don’t like to get up in the middle of a project to get supplies for stitch practice or to write down an idea – hopefully having the supplies close will make my routine run more smoothly.

I also focused on using my textile books and videos.  I read three books I’ve been meaning to read for a long time, and watched 8 videos!

Final Score –

2 finished lap quilts  (one I wrote about before, and now this one)

red and orange lap quilt

Forty inch square lap quilt

1 lap quilt almost done

blue log cabin

This one has issues, but the important thing is all the scraps that have found a home!

1 crib quilt almost done (the penguin quilt)

12 log cabin blocks, ready to go into planned projects

10 spools of thread used up

I think I am done with log cabin for a while!  The best thing about all this focus on using up my scraps, is that while I was working I got lots of new ideas.  I think I will do Finish Up February, and then I will reward myself with Materials Madness March!