Spring Discoveries

Did you know a turtle’s eyes are striped?

red-eared slider

Harper found this red-eared slider far from the pond, out in the pasture.  The pasture had just been disked to get it ready for hay sprigging.  The turtle wasn’t hurt, but I thought it would be too hard for her to make it across the dirt back to the pond.  I took some photos, then put her back, close to the water.

turtle eye close-up

A day later I found this turtle in the yard, digging a hole to lay eggs. Her shell patterns match up with photos I took last year, so I believe it’s the same turtle.

Did you know baby mockingbirds have little hook-shaped ridges on the roof of their mouths?

mockingbird babies

It’s interesting to see how the feathers emerge in a pattern.

Did you know that mayflies are the only insect that molts from one winged stage to another?


If you look carefully you can see the crumpled wings.

I didn’t.

What will you discover this spring?

prairie phlox

This is the first year I have seen this flower growing here.