After the Rain

After a night and morning of rain, I took the sheep out for a walk this afternoon.  The longer I looked, the more I noticed, and the more questions I had.

(You can click on the pictures to see a bigger size.)

drenched bee

A very wet and tired bumble bee struggled to get to the top of a zinnia.

bee and spider

It seemed oblivious to the tiny white crab spider already in the flower.

Gulf coast toad

A Gulf coast toad found a home in a miniature gully.


A small hawk flew over our heads as we approached, and watched us for a few seconds.  I only got one picture before it flew off.


Look closer at the stalk of this uprooted mushroom –


– it’s really a caterpillar!


I spotted an abandoned nest.  What species built it?


When I zoomed in on this picture –


I saw this millipede incorporated into the side! How did it get there?  Are those some kind of little eggs above it?

tiny mushrooms

Jelly fungus.


These almost glowed against the dark fallen leaves.

leaves and pine needles

I love the dark colors and textures of the leaves.

I heard the geese flying over today, so fall can’t be far behind!