Working on a Reader’s Challenge

I have always wanted to enter a reader’s challenge and this week I finally did.  Quilting Arts magazine had a challenge to create a mini-quilt with the theme of “Art in the Park,” and I had an idea from our trip to San Diego last year, so I decided to try.

Now that the “quiltlet” is done, I think it is pretty, but not exactly original.  But I learned so much from working on a small scale for once.  (And if it’s not chosen, I’ll show it here!)

craft supplies

How can I fit all this stuff into an 8″ x 8″ square? It barely fits in my house!

Working in small scale made me think harder about how all the elements work with each other and with the whole.  I limited myself to one kind of fabric, one thread color, and only two kinds of embellishment to keep the quilt cohesive.  But I spent a lot of time experimenting with composition and color placement before I got an arrangement that is interesting and balanced.

I think I could have made a crib quilt in the same amount of time, but I would not have learned as much!