Imps, Fairies, and Friendly Spirits

During the day my kitchen looks like an ordinary place —

(doing a mouse-over will make the pictures more vivid)


Just an ordinary kitchen shelf – come china, some cookbooks, some linens, some silver..


…some strategically located chocolate chips…

–but at night, I hear strange noises, and the next morning, things are out of place…

photo montage

“Here’s the one I’m looking for, Upton’s Standard Operas.”

It's opened to "Cinderella".

“Tonight we’ll open it to Cendrillon.”

Oh my goodness!

“It feels so good to stretch!”

book 2 a_e

“Good evening, ladies. Tonight’s refreshments are on the upper shelf.”

A helping hand.

“What do you mean, you don’t think I need any more refreshments!”

What is up there on top of that shelf?

“Come on up!  There’s plenty for everyone!”


"Chocolate and opera for EVERYBODY!"

“Chocolate and opera for EVERYBODY!”

For the 1 Day 1 World Project, we are up to the hour of 3:00 – 4:00 am.  Not much happens around here at that hour – fortunately Jude got me thinking in new directions with her ghost story.  I have always loved those old cartoons where the kitchen products come alive in the depths of the night and cause a little mischief, so I decided to create my own.

I was also inspired by Cindy Hickok’s fabulous Café de Musée, a thread-painted grouping of beloved figures from art.

My friendly spirits came from an old book about opera, and a Dover Book clip art book called Trades and Occupations.  I learned all kinds of new PhotoShop tricks from the book How To Cheat in PhotoShop Elements 12 by David Asch.

I had so much fun doing this!  I just hope I remember all the techniques I learned, the next chance I get to play around with photos.