97 Years Ago Today

From the National Archives, ID

From the National Archives, Identifier 522877.

The original caption is “Women Rivet Heaters and Passers On, Ship Construction Work.  Navy Yard, Pugent Sound, Washington.”  Taken May 29, 1919.

Most of them are wearing proper boots with heels, but a few of them are wearing flat-heeled work boots.

Look at the lady sitting up straight and tall with glasses on.  Don’t you know she would have been “mom” to the group, reminding the younger girls to behave themselves?

And what is up with the girl all the way to the right, who won’t look at the camera?  Was she tired of posing?  Picking a splinter out of her hand?

Here is its catalog page, but I got the higher resolution image of it above, from one of the online exhibitions, Picturing the Century.

And here is the list of those online exhibitions, so you can explore more yourself if you’re interested.

The National Archives divisions have several blogs — one that I am following is The Unwritten Record, from the Special Media division, which houses the films, photographs, maps, etc.