A Top and Some Tablecloths

When my sister saw this one on the design wall, she said, “Whew, that’s bright!”

“Chips and Salsa” quilt top.

Well, I live surrounded by a wall of green on all four sides of our property, and I think I am just starved for any other color.

Green fields.

I am going to call this quilt Chips and Salsa, because it is the perfect example of that age-old supply and demand problem (first you have leftover salsa, then you go get some more chips and run low on salsa, etc. etc. until you give up and eat all the leftover chips salsa-less).

It is a Nine Patch and Fence Rail pattern, that I saw in a Jenny Doan tutorial a few years ago.   Then I saw this cheerful version with no white fabrics, so when I saw bags and bags of pre-cut scraps in solid fabrics at a guild sale, I snapped them up.  My plan was to use all of these scraps in one top.  AND NOT HAVE ANY LEFT OVER.  But, some of the fabrics were too gray or too dull, and I had to leave those for another quilt.

Which meant I didn’t have enough fabric for a whole top, and I had to go get new fabric, twice.  And then I would come home and stitch together color combinations I loved, and think, “Tomorrow I am going to quickly whisk all the blocks together into a perfect top,” but then the next morning I would look at those combinations and hate them.  So I set those aside for a future quilt too.  (It was kind of like pouring chips out in a bowl, and then stuffing stale chips back in the bag.)

Then, due to the various qualities of the fabrics, they didn’t all stitch up consistently.  The scraps I bought were of various vintages, and I supplemented with some Moda Grunge fabric (using the solid sides, not the variegated ones).  They didn’t fray, but they seemed to sort of slouch and relax after stitching, so that those blocks didn’t remain at 6.5 inches.  I also used Waverley fabrics from WalMart, and they did fray pretty badly, but they didn’t shrink up.  So a lot of my corners don’t match up.  But I am so happy to finally be finished with the main part of this top, that I can overlook crooked corners.

I am planning to add thin white borders, and then a border of small multi-color blocks, but we shall see.  I am going to just put this away for a while, and spend lots of time practicing free motion quilting, to see how I want to quilt it.

And at some point, I will take the extra blocks out of their basket, and then we will see what I end up purchasing to help them become a complete quilt.

On another note, my mother-in-law is downsizing, and is passing lovely tablecloths down to me.  These were made by my husband’s aunt, and I just love them!

This one is linen.

The variegated thread makes the flowers look so lively!

This one has four large baskets and four small ones on the tablecloth, and a set of four napkins.

Close-up of the beautiful French knots.

They are another nice respite from all the green outside!