Top Five Joys of Quilting

Number 5:  The sound of a well-tuned sewing machine, stitching steadily as a train clacking over tracks.

Number 4:  The scent of Magic Sizing steaming up from under a hot iron.

Irons from Gram and Aunt Millie.

Number 3:  The satisfying feel of the proper tool working on its proper task, especially when they are hand-me-downs from a relative.

All sorts of scissors, from Aunt Millie.

Number 2:  The sight of colorful notions inspiring ideas for new projects, even as you finish up the current one.

Thread in different colors, weights, and types.

Jar of quilt pencils, glue sticks, etc.

And the Number 1 Joy of Quilting:  The taste of success in taking all those scraps that someone didn’t want or couldn’t keep, and turning them into a useful quilt for someone who needs it!

Christmas lap quilts for the VA hospital.

Scrappy blocks with a modern vibe.

Pieced back.

This last quilt was inspired by Tula Pink’s City Sampler, and Alexandra Ledgerwood’s Game Day from her book  Improvising Tradition.  I made random blocks from donated scraps, and then set them far apart, on large gray and white strips.  It feels so great to finally get some projects finished this year!

Also, it feels great to find another use for one of our trailers — it’s a great quilt display rack!

What about you?  Do you agree with my Picks of Quilt Joy?  Do you have others??