Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #79: A Window with a View

I love to go with my husband on his business trips, because his destinations are not your usual tourist spots, and we never know what we are going to find.

In March of 2013, we went to Evanston, Wyoming, and came across this railroad maintenance yard.  It had been built in 1912-1913, closed in 1998, and was in the process of being restored.  We were the only ones there on a bright cold day, and we spent a lot of time peering in the windows at the industrial architecture and crumbling equipment.

Looking through the huge main building.

Looking through to multiple stories.

Roundhouse reflection.

Cracked window, looking in to an equipment room.

Someday I will make a series of quilts from these shots.

Stressed windows.

When we find empty and abandoned buildings like this, it is memorable for me; it seems like we have stepped out of our ordinary lives and into a moment frozen in time.

There is more information about the Union Pacific Railroad Complex here.

This is my (very late) entry for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge from January 11, 2019.  This was a great theme, and visiting the other entries was like taking a series of vacations!