Rummage Sale Find

Yesterday I went to a huge rummage sale at a local church, and found these cute vintage dish towels.

A quick Internet search turned up several other partial sets of this pattern. Some of them had stitched captions labeling the weekly chores.

All of ones I saw online were embroidered outlines; none of them had the fabric scraps appliqued like my towels do.  My set is not complete either; I am missing Iron Day, Bake Day, and Sunday, but that is okay, because I have a lovely snail planter to accompany them.

Snail planter.

Wash Day.

Sew Day.

Shop Day.

Clean Day.

It does seem a little funny to show snails doing the chores, because they are something you want to hurry through.  Except for the sewing. 🙂

The church that runs the sale has an interesting history.  It was built about 1917, and decorated on the inside with paint to mimic architectural features.  In 2010, the church wanted to add room to their building without losing its historic look, and an architectural team came up with an innovative strategy.  They cut through the church and moved the back quarter 30 feet backwards (preserving the entrance and choir loft), and built a new section in the middle!  Then they added matching windows and paint, and today, you really can’t tell there was ever a change.  You can read the whole story here.

St. Mary’s Church, Plantersville, Texas

A photo from the remodeling of the building, hung in their entrance hall.

Another photo hung in the church entrance, showing the area of new construction from the interior.

How the church interior looks today.

When I stepped in on Saturday, there was a little table at the entrance, and I loved how they had decorations from different decades included.

Entrance table with embroidered banner of leaves and feathers, and crocheted bunches of grapes.


Detail of the embroidery.

Detail of the grapes.

To me the combination showed that they honor the work of their altar guild, and I felt very welcome.  🙂