What’s Your Textile Identity?

“If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?”  We hear that kind of question in election years, directed at the candidates.  It’s interesting to hear the answers, but the other day I started thinking of that question with a textile slant.

I was pulling articles out of old magazines and filing them into my idea notebooks, when a juxtaposition of images got me thinking.  There was a 2-page ad for some sort of home decor, paints or cabinets or something.  On the first page, a black background surrounded a transparent silhouette of a woman, and through the silhouette you could see the next page, which showed a dream kitchen.

Well, I was only interested in the silhouette idea, so I separated it from its second page.  I happened to set it down on top of an ad from Architectural Digest that showed 3 large swatches of designer fabrics.  They completely filled the silhouette.  To me it seemed to say, “These fabrics express this woman’s personality.”

So here’s something to think about:

If you were a textile, would you be historic, vintage, or modern?

Would you be a fashion fabric, a furnishing fabric, or something else?

A neutral, or a bright color?

Would you be cotton, linen, silk, wool, or a manmade fiber?

Would one textile be enough to express your personality?

image created from clip art fabric swatches

What fabrics would tell your story?

This is my own version of the Textile Woman , made with scans of some of my woven swatches, clip art from an old CD, and Photoshop.  When I arranged the fabric images at random in the silhouette, the patterns began to look like the curves of a woman’s neck, chin, and hair.  I had a lot of fun playing with that.   I can see myself creating more of these!