Wrapping Up 2022

Early this year my parents had health issues that made them decide they could no longer live independently, and they asked me to find them a retirement home.  They had lived in Dallas for almost 50 years, but I live 200 miles away in a rural area north of Houston, so just choosing a retirement home in Dallas would have been a huge undertaking, much less trying to visit them or coordinate their medical care afterward.  So they kindly agreed to be the ones to change cities, and I was able to find them a nice community in the Houston area, close to me, but also close to doctors and hospitals.

Even with my sister’s help, getting them moved and selling their house was quite a task.  They were just getting nicely settled in when my mom fell and broke her leg, and we had new issues to deal with.  In the midst of this, my mother-in-law’s leased house was sold and she also had to move — thankfully I had kept all of the research I had done for my parents, and we helped my MIL find a good match. But it meant that she was downsizing from a 3 bedroom house into 2 rooms, and many more boxes of family mementos came to my house.

My sister also decided to join the rest of us in Houston, but she got Covid-19 for the first time, so she had to trust me to find a house for her!  She moved on Labor Day weekend, which is always a hot and sweaty time in Texas.

Through all of this, my family and friends were so supportive, and my parents dealt with all of the stress graciously.  And I was so grateful that my only task was the care of the older generation — unlike so many people, I was not also trying to hold down a job or raise kids through all of this.

But I tell you all of this, to say that throughout this year, I was especially grateful for all of your blogs!  You gave me so many mental breaks and mini-vacations.  I didn’t read every post, and I hardly commented, but I was so appreciative of the posts I read.  Here are some of my favorite blogs and posts from this year:

  • It is always refreshing to take a stroll through Claudia’s Sunday Evening Art Gallery
  • Nana Cathy offers concise book recommendations that add books to my to-be-read list.
  • Andrea writes on so many topics, and I love to follow the links in her Creative Juice round-ups, but the posts that “take me away” are her International Folk Dance posts, like this one about Polish dancing.
  • I love Tierney’s quilts, and when she writes about going on a quilt retreat, I feel like I got to go along.
  • Joanna’s quilts intrigue me with all their layers of interest.  When I am making an art quilt, I do consider “What would Joanna do?” but then I usually add some beads anyway even though she suggests I refrain.  🙂
  • Jean spins fine fibers, dyes it, weaves it into beautiful cloth, and then turns even the scraps into multifaceted works.
  • Kate always inspires me to use up my scraps!
  • Wendy posts so faithfully and provides a glimpse of a “pieceful” day.
  • Alys, I think, has had a much harder year than I have, but she finds ways to share art and uplift her community.
  • And I can always find a sense of quiet celebration of the simple life at Quimper Hittys.
  • Mary posts bright and cheerful quilt designs that I add to my “to-be-quilted” list.
  • Dawn makes a huge variety of blocks with precision.  And she tats, too!

To me, any kind of sewing is a huge stress reliever, especially when I can combine a lot of donated fabric into a useful item.  Often volunteers have cut these fabrics into squares and strips, but they are not very consistent in size or “raveliness,” and I am always relieved when I get them tamed. So I worked on these quilts whenever I could find some time.

So this year, I completed seven baby quilts. (I actually completed one of the multi-color I Spy quilts pictured below in 2021, but I also finished a pink quilt this year that I never got a picture of.)

Two more are just tops. Most of this fabric was donated; I would not choose cartoon kitties on my own.  🙂

I also did a few small projects — one chair seat made with paracord, three Christmas tree table runners, and three small art quilts for The Endeavourers online group.

So that wraps up my 2022, and I wish all of you a bright, happy, and calm 2023!