ScrapHappy May 2023 — Double Dipping

I just wrote about this quilt two posts ago, but it really needed more work then, and it is made from scraps, so here it is again.

London 1572, now quilted.

This was made for an online art quilt group, and the theme was “maps”.  I had so much fun creating the shapes from scraps, and using lots of trims from Aunt Millie’s collection, but I needed to quilt the areas in between.  In the “urban” areas, I did free-motion quilting of pebble shapes to represent cobbles.  I started with a beautiful variegated metallic, but of course it kept breaking. (I used a 100/16 top stitching needle, lowered the tension, changed the needle, but nothing helped.) And in the photo, it just looks gray instead of multicolor.

So I switched to a 50-weight Egyptian cotton from WonderFil, and it was a joy to work with.  I did some areas in a variegated brown, then changed to a variegated yellow for the rest of the cobbles.  In the “rural” areas, I decided to quilt long lines to represent wagon tracks and ruts, and I used the same thread in a variegated green.

Pebble quilting in yellow, brown, and metallic, to represent cobbles.

Long ripples for wagon tracks.

I view these art quilts as practice pieces, to work out any issues.  I have all the fun of creating them without the stress of actually entering a show!

ScrapHappy Day is the 15th of each month, when we celebrate the use of scraps. It is hosted by Kate and Gun, the first two names listed below, and they would love for you to join us!  Just let them know and they will add you to the list.