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Helen of Troy: World-Renowned Weaver – and, I hear, kinda pretty!

Along with a group of followers of the Dancing Professor, I’m reading the Iliad.  (Is there a collective noun for a group of blog followers?  A gaggle of followers?  A chatter?  A press?)… Continue reading

Books on the Nightstand, Books on the Kindle, Part Two

Art books for less than half their listed price, old out-of-print books for free, books that I didn’t even know existed now magically recommending themselves to me, huge books that can now fit… Continue reading

Books on the Nightstand, Books on the Kindle, Part One

When someone asks me, “Kindle or real book?”  my answer is “Both.”  I will take any book I can get in any form.  I love being able to carry 50 or so books… Continue reading

North and South, Great Britain Style

I love Pride and Prejudice and all those sort of period pieces, even though most of the time the characters don’t do much beyond exchanging clever conversation while they drink tea or dance… Continue reading

Edith Head

February is Oscars Month. While I don’t keep up with current movies (meaning, any movies after 1950), I do love the old movies from the 30s and 40s,  and the cold, rainy days of… Continue reading

Textile Tangents

I love looking at the people and clothing trends in historic photos.  Somehow I have built up quite a collection – family members know I’m interested and pass on all those ancestor photos,… Continue reading