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Summing Up, Looking Ahead

Last year I made three resolutions – I was going to keep an art journal, use up my fabric scraps, and watch the quilting videos I had, which would in turn help me… Continue reading

Summer Dye Wrap-up

I had a lot of fun this summer finding out what colors I could get from plants here on the farm.   Most of them were bland tans, but a lot of them were… Continue reading

More Party Decorations

In my last post, I showed the shell centerpiece I made for my daughter’s pirate baby shower.  (And I neglected to say, that I really wanted to add coral fans in to the… Continue reading

A Bouquet of Shells

Over the last few weeks, we have been busy having fun, hosting pirate baby showers for my older daughter.  One was at my younger daughter’s house, and one was here at my house… Continue reading

Color on Quilts

As I go through quilting magazines, I see lots of ideas I want to try.  I get as far as pulling out the inspiring articles and filing them in one of my numerous… Continue reading

A Plethora of Leisurely Projects

I have been having a great summer with a lot of enjoyable projects – I make a little progress on three or four of them each day.  I’m not getting a whole lot… Continue reading

Piney Woods Prints

Mazzaus at Local and Bespoke has gotten me interested in leaf prints.  I figured that as long as I am throwing plants in glass jars daily to sample for dye properties, I might… Continue reading

All-Around Craftsman

I come from a long line of women who created every kind of textile imaginable, but my dad also taught me many things about self-sufficiency and craftsmanship. From my growing up years, I… Continue reading

Animal Friends Festival Quilt

This is my first foray into the Blogger’s Quilt Festival! It has been going on for five years at Amy’s Creative Side but I just found out about it on bekahdu handmade, where Bekah… Continue reading

It’s Not Too Late to Make Plans for Pillow Fight Day

I was sad to discover that I  have already missed Worldwide Quilting Day and Holi, the Color Festival, this year.  I looked on the web for a master list of textile-related celebrations so… Continue reading