Are You a Looker or a Leaper?

Are you the kind of person who considers every choice?  Or do you just plunge ahead with the first one that appeals to you? I tend to err more on the looking side… Continue reading

1940s Child’s Summer Dress

This is one of my mom’s childhood dresses. She remembers that the first summer she got it, it was too big.  She wore it the next summer and it fit just right.  Then… Continue reading

Mustang Grape Jelly Update

(Warning – LOTS of information, and no pictures.  No, I can’t do that.  Let’s change it to lots of information, and mostly random pictures.) Well, it’s been a few weeks since I made… Continue reading

Playing Dress-up

These are the ladies I aspired to be. I always looked forward to growing up and getting to wear hats and gloves and crystal beads and big shiny brooches, big full skirts with… Continue reading

Auditioning Stitches

I started this quilt two years ago. I saw it in McCall’s Quick Quilts magazine, June/July 2010.  It was titled “Sea Glass.” I am at the point where all the blocks are together,… Continue reading

Starch or No Starch? What’s Starch?

There are three kinds of people in the world – those who love to iron, those who hate to iron, and those who have no earthly idea what an iron is. I love… Continue reading

Summer Afternoon Walk

Well, it’s summer, it’s hot, and you might be feeling like you could use a little vacation.  I can’t get you a real one, but if a virtual vacation would tide you over,… Continue reading

Quick and Easy Display Board

If you’re like most of the Textile People I know, you have a huge variety of interests, and end up volunteering for events that educate people about them. It’s becomes easy to spend all your time on volunteering instead of actually pursuing… Continue reading

Child’s Flour Sack Dress

I got this little dress at an antique shop about 15 years ago, and I’ve always loved it for the creative use of flour sacks.  The seamstress didn’t have as much of the… Continue reading

Butterfly Quilt

Between a big mustang grape harvest, a goat with a hernia, and a brief power outage, I haven’t been getting as much quilting done as I would like.  But one of the groups… Continue reading