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September 2021 Quilt Projects

Since I am apparently just going to make quilt tops for the rest of my life, and never finish them, I thought I would post a few. A benefit to this photo session… Continue reading

A Little Cleverness is a Dangerous Thing, Part Two

We have had 25 inches of rain here in the last two months.  Maybe my brain is mildewing, and that is why I have had so many issues with my recent craft projects.… Continue reading

First Finish for 2014

There is just nothing better than the feeling of finishing a big project. This quilt started out to be given to a county home for teen-age boy runaways.  I wanted it to be… Continue reading

Semester Exam

You know how, when you have exams hanging over your head, you won’t let yourself do anything else until you’ve studied? I have been feeling that it was time for me to move… Continue reading