First Finish for 2014

There is just nothing better than the feeling of finishing a big project.


My first finish for 2014! (Okay, it still needs a little hand-stitching, but close enough to count.)

This quilt started out to be given to a county home for teen-age boy runaways.  I wanted it to be modern and masculine, and it started out as a disappearing nine-patch with all shirting fabrics.

In my last post I was contemplating what fabric to use for borders – I had plenty of a tone-on-tone smoky blue that I had not used anywhere else in the quilt, and I thought it might call too much attention to itself.

I had some gorgeous brown and gold material that I was saving to make something for myself – it reminded me of men’s ties, so I thought it would go with all that shirting fabric.  It was what the quilt needed, so I cut it up and used it for borders.  I hope I can find it again.

Then after searching some more, I found one yard of the smoky blue/gray fabric that was already in the quilt, so I cut that up for the binding.

quilt blocks and borders

I had just enough of this smoky blue fabric to use for the binding.

I have done one other single-size quilt with free motion quilting, but on that one I used the walking foot, and I did two crib-sized pieces and then put them together.  This is the first time I have quilted a single-size quilt all in one piece, and the first time I used a free motion foot.

I tried a Super Slider too, to see if it would help me move the quilt around more smoothly.  The results were so-so for me. I felt like the quilt would hang up just a little on the edges of the Super Slider, and I didn’t like having to untape it to put a new bobbin in.

About halfway through, I bought some Gorilla Grip gloves in the gardening section (only $5), and they worked like magic!  They are very lightweight and flexible – I can even thread the needle with them on.  I don’t want to say they adhere to the quilt because that sounds like they would make the quilt itself sticky – it was more like they helped me levitate the quilt.  I felt like I was pushing the quilt around on a surface of ice instead of metal, and I had even removed the Super Slider.  This was the first time I felt like I could just “think at” the quilt and it would go where I wanted it to.  It’s nice to feel like I have found the combination of quilting variables that works for me.

barn with quilt

When I took the quilt up to the barn to photograph, I noticed the beautiful shadow of the oak tree – inspiration for a new quilt!

I think too much color has slipped in to make this acceptable to any teen-age boy, so I don’t think I will be giving it to the county.    I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, but I am so happy it’s done!